Empire International Pvt. Ltd.

Empire International Pvt. Ltd. is a Nepal government registered manpower agency  supplying qualified Nepalese labor to employers overseas. Based in the Nepal capital of Kathmandu, we specialize in recruiting and sending qualified Nepalese workers wherever they are needed, be the demand in the Gulf countries, in Malaysia, in other parts of Asia, or anywhere in the world, we can supply your manpower needs.
Professional Recruit

Professional Recruit

Semi Professional Recruit

Semi Professional Recruit

Un Skilled Recruit

Un Skilled Recruit


Contact overseas Detail

Saudi Contact
Mr. Abu Jiyad
Phone: 0546750010

Qatar Contact
Mohamed Muqeem Khan
M: +974 6669 8456
T : +974 4460 2494
E : mmuqeem@newdawnqatar.com

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