Message from Managing Director

Mr. Karna Bahadur Dhakal








Dear Valued Clients,

Empire International Pvt. Ltd. Came into inception with a mission to redefine the human resources. We walked a long mile but with the single point vision to nave the best resources having the quality & quantity together.

We believe that people make us what we are. We still strive to provide an environment to people that is professional where they could grow personally and professionally with the organization.

We in a group represent unity in diversity for the people from different backgrounds and culture with simple minded purpose to grow along with others. We also believe in treating each other and our distinguished customers with dignity i.e. with trust & transparency & respect & welcome the thoughts & proposals.

We are opened to each other in dealings with our employees & customers; we believe that long term relationship is built with transparency. Hence, we are informal, get disciplined. We do not allow formality to come under the treatment of issues related to our employers and customers.

In all our actions as a proud and as individuals, representing this pro we maintain integrity both in financially and professionally. Trust and honesty in each action between us, our customers and our stake holders. We always role on challenges with taking them and competing them in an sufficient way with extreme ability and determination.

Our commitment is presently by is in whatever we do to the institution that we present our customers and employees. Each one in my organization takes his own entrepreneurship and ensures us that the work handed over to them in is complete with self-commitment.

At last I would say that we act as one family with Teamwork, Loyalty, Integrity, Commitment, Diversity and Dignity to the organization and costumers which differentiate us in the market. Here I remain with a commitment to deliver.

With Best Regards,
Karna Bahadur Dhakal
(Managing Director)