Message from Overseas Partner

RajanMr. Rajan Khatiwada









Dear Valued Clients,
Empire international Pvt Ltd Was set up around a decade ago with the core: belief of offering a true customer-focused recruitment solution to the needs of our diverse client in the field recruitment from Nepal. I, as Overseas partner of this company, believe that beginnings are always complex, whether at personal business levels or at a corporate level. Consequently, we work had to overcome all difficulties that may impede our way, because success has always been our key objective since the beginning of our establishment and this positions us at the center of the vast world of business.

Strategic planning is a key factor in the success of any business. We earn the communities trust and reliability by setting our priorities towards serving the community of all social groups and classes; as their satisfaction is the basis of our success. With a team of highly educated, dedicated and knowledgeable employees backed with an offer having ultra-modern facilities and located nearby Tribhuvan international airport in Kathmandu. We have been able to establish our brand name amongst others in Nepal’s foreign employment business. A strong focus on customer service is what differentiates Empire international Pvt. Ltd from other companies and helps us to ensure our long-term growth and success.

We take great pride in our collaborative approach and proven techniques in delivering high impact in the field. The results have been not only a successful company in a short span of time but more importantly a strong foundation of client partnership that has turned into a long friendship with them. We have been successful in every step that was notable for us to seek to expand the scope of our work and to expand globally. After studying the world’s most important economic regions, we are in the process to establish our offers there, so we can provide our best services to the largest possible number of the increasing population.

The business world has become enormous and highly competitive, there, there will be, survival for the best not for the strongest. We aim to be the best service provider in the eyes of our clients which is the ultimate goal of our eternal success.

With Best Regards,
Rajan Khatiwada
(Overseas Partner)